Thursday, April 30, 2009

Television has made the advertisement industry increase rapidly. Over a hindered million people would be exposed to Any advertisement. This would help the business of many corporations. It would be very easy for people to see what they want and like just by sitting at home. This was a real positive in the industry. without this increase who knows where the advertisement industry would be today.

Be Happy With Your Self

Why is Gloria Swanson is always broke? After reviewing that reading I belive that she was playing a rich woman in her films so she had to repersent that woman in real life which ultimatly was her downfall. "All my salary goes for clothes or furniture. I buy much more expensive clothes than I should, much more expenisive than I ever did before." Thats a problem for everyone in our great country." Thats why we as a country are in a major reccession, we spend more than we have. Some do it to impress others but others do it to live up to the expectation of who they are trying to be in the public eye. "Its mighty hard to wear a robe costing a thousand dollars, all day long and then go to the dressing room and put on my comparatively poor best." I think this symbolizes that who we try to be can be the downfall for oneself. For example, if i try to be someone I am not ultimaley I will do certain actions that I would not do normally which can lead me down the wrong path. I think this story conveys the idea that media has been transforming people as a whole and making them want to look like what they see on Tv. Think about it, look at the youth of America, they all want to look like the celebrity on tv which has lead to serious health concerns. We can all learn from Gloria Swanson and learn that we need to be happy within our selves and not care how others may or may not precieve you because in the end your the one who has to look your self in the mirror and be happy with what you see!

Sight + Sound = Advertisements As Good As They Get

Print advertisements are effective because they give you the sight and image of the product. Radio advertisements are effective because they enable the consumer to hear someone describing the product in a persuasive way making them want to purchase the product. However, nothing can compare to television advertisements which combine sight and sound to create the most effective form of advertising. "No other medium so completely fulfills all the requirements of good advertising." Along with television came more effective advertising, and with more effective advertising came the sale of more products and merchandise. Just another example of how the media in a sense dictate how society and the world operate.

radio invades the home: Martians and Mass Delusion

In 1938 there was a story in the New York Daily News that poke fun and mimicked the presentation of a live broadcast by Orson Wells and the Mercury Theatre of the air. This show brought about panic because they was talking about the earth getting attrack by alliens. This stituation had the public in a frenzy. There was millions of listener didnt realize it was just a radio show and he was joking around, he would have to let the people know all this was just a show. "Radio plays:mystery, western, adventure, romance, were a very popular form of entertainment in the 1930's: the goldern age of radop." This is a example of how important and the influence that radio have on people, the statement was said and everyone heard it.

chapter 10

The reinvention of radio really stood out to me in this chapter. It was reinvented in the 1920s. During World War 1 the military had begun using radio telephones. That was an air-to-ground cimmunication. Also the telephone industry was planning to use radio links where various wires could not reach. I didnt know this, but there was a buisness in conveying conversation from point to point, but there wasnt any profit or justifiable purpose in sending voices out to the world. They could of made money by charging anyone who wanted to use the radio telephone or if they wanted to send a message to the world or whoever for that matter. When creating something so convenient and world wide their should always be an reward for that, and that reward that everyone likes is money. Everythig in this world is a money making buisness.

The Price of Success

In Why is Gloria Swanson always broke, Arthur Hornblow explains the price you pay to be successful. Gloria Swanson was a successful actress whose life became trouble by her success. It seems as if all the money that Gloria made from her movies she spent on keeping up her appearance. She wanted to live the lifestyle that her character lived and because of it she became very depressed and poor. she stated in the article that " The gowns I wear in the pictures are much more elaborate and beautiful than i could ever afford. Before I wore them I never desired them.But just as soon as I see myself in one of them, and wear it around the stage for a while, I begin to get disconnected. I want to own gowns like that. And zing! my salary has vanished before I am aware of it!"
At the end of the article it talks about how a bank was robbed and they wonder if Gloria was involved because of her stressful life.

How Jobs Are Made

In the packet " The Day Chicago Was Attacked" i decided to read "How Jobs Are Made". I seem to find this bit of information pretty interesting. It clearly states that more jobs and opportunities are created when people buy good or services. In 1933 there was approximately $22,000,000,000 in savings between the banks and postal. Just like now people cherished their money which in a sense you cant blame them. The circulation of money through the economy seemed to open opportunities for enployment which at that time was much needed. Television played a huge role in advertising being that when you see something you like, you want it. This causes you to go buy something even if it is out of your price range and because of this, jobs can open up. In a sense you can say that around that time television saved the economy.

Copying The Movies

“Among individuals there is a wide imitation of motion picture patterns which are seriously incorporated into conduct and so pass out of the realm of make-believe.” When you are a child or adolescent, you observe and imitate your peers. Children learn from other children. For example, you watch your friends play baseball or handball. Then you learn how to play that game and copy it. Well the same concept holds true for the movies. Everybody knows that the movies show us different ways to dress and how to act.

You can imitate your favorite actor’s mannerisms and techniques. Many people enjoy going to the movies and they try to imitate their favorite actor or actress. They like and will often imitate the way they look and the way they talk. They will also imitate the way they act and their mannerisms. I think that it is quite normal for children and adults to go to the movies and to imitate the mannerisms and gestures of their favorite movie stars. All of us do it. Many times in the movies we observe and want to copy their smile, the way they walk, talk, stand or hold their head.

Love seems to be a huge theme in many of our movies today. We all have seen movies where love, passion, and affection are depicted. This is how many adolescents learn how to pursue and love a girl or boy. They unfortunately learn this from the movies. “As long as motion pictures present forms of conduct that arrest the attention of the perceiver, it is to be expected that there will be a great deal of copying for motion pictures.”

Movies and Conduct by Herbert Blumer, pgs. 1-6

Unlikey Free Air Waves

When radio was first invented, it was known all over the world like it is today. As radio had begun to grow so did the government on how to regulate radio with certain guidelines called the FCC , also government enforced radio to promote depending on who was in power of the station such as Democrat or a Republican. "The radio commission might adopt special regulations of stations engaged in chain broadcasting." the Republicans had dominated radio regulation from 1921 to 1927 remained the decisive to limit his power over radio". By 1927 radio was in every household listening to radio as we know it today.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

During the 1920's the world had just finished the first world war, and had discovered that a new invention would be very helpful during combat. Something simular to the telegraph, but wish the ability to travel much further using no wires. This would be useful for soldiers and and working class business people. Giving us the reinvention of the radio. Next the new invention apaired to be a public way to distrube information, so on a business side you could also make money. Marconi then developed a plan which would involve music and talk shows for entertainment. Soon the military complained that the entertainment was a big distraction during war, and had they programs removed. The radio would make its money by charging different commercial makers a certain amount to play there commercial on their station.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gloria Swanson

I liked the article because it shows a star realizing the downside of being an actress. She explain that she was always playing the role of a rich woman, and she always would wear highly fashioned gowns and she would love them. Before she used to work as an actress, she word wear regular garments and did not care about her dress style. When she finished her set, she would take off the expensive gown and felt bad putting on her garments, because she felt she should wear the expensive gown. So she began buying so much rich things that she may became broke. That still happens today as well because a lot of actors and actresses become broke and do not realize when to stop buying luxuries. That is why she asks to play the role of a poor woman so she would not have to worry about the expensive dresses she would have to wear.