Thursday, April 30, 2009

chapter 10

The reinvention of radio really stood out to me in this chapter. It was reinvented in the 1920s. During World War 1 the military had begun using radio telephones. That was an air-to-ground cimmunication. Also the telephone industry was planning to use radio links where various wires could not reach. I didnt know this, but there was a buisness in conveying conversation from point to point, but there wasnt any profit or justifiable purpose in sending voices out to the world. They could of made money by charging anyone who wanted to use the radio telephone or if they wanted to send a message to the world or whoever for that matter. When creating something so convenient and world wide their should always be an reward for that, and that reward that everyone likes is money. Everythig in this world is a money making buisness.


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