Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Price of Success

In Why is Gloria Swanson always broke, Arthur Hornblow explains the price you pay to be successful. Gloria Swanson was a successful actress whose life became trouble by her success. It seems as if all the money that Gloria made from her movies she spent on keeping up her appearance. She wanted to live the lifestyle that her character lived and because of it she became very depressed and poor. she stated in the article that " The gowns I wear in the pictures are much more elaborate and beautiful than i could ever afford. Before I wore them I never desired them.But just as soon as I see myself in one of them, and wear it around the stage for a while, I begin to get disconnected. I want to own gowns like that. And zing! my salary has vanished before I am aware of it!"
At the end of the article it talks about how a bank was robbed and they wonder if Gloria was involved because of her stressful life.


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