Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gloria Swanson

I liked the article because it shows a star realizing the downside of being an actress. She explain that she was always playing the role of a rich woman, and she always would wear highly fashioned gowns and she would love them. Before she used to work as an actress, she word wear regular garments and did not care about her dress style. When she finished her set, she would take off the expensive gown and felt bad putting on her garments, because she felt she should wear the expensive gown. So she began buying so much rich things that she may became broke. That still happens today as well because a lot of actors and actresses become broke and do not realize when to stop buying luxuries. That is why she asks to play the role of a poor woman so she would not have to worry about the expensive dresses she would have to wear.


At 12:14 AM, Blogger Joey Marino said...

I think you are completly right but this goes to show you how the media plays a major role in the wa we live. Think about it, if she didnt have to live up to the expectations of public she may not be broke. The media shapes everyones ideas and actions in every way. Just goes to show you that times have not changed so much


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