Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Four Principle Types of Broadcasting

In early radio most broadcasters didn't envision broadcasting as a profitable form of media. There were four main types of broadcasting around the 1920's. The first one was the manufacturers of the radio receivers: RCA, Westinghouse, and other manufacturers. Their main reason for broadcasting was to promote the sales of their receivers. Department stores and newspapers also participated in broadcasting to publicize themselves, they weren't yet selling on air advertising. Then colleges and churches and a handful of other non-profits as an extension of putting forth their general missions.

The final broadcaster actually had a vision as to broadcasting being quite profitable; AT&T. In 1922 they established a radio station right here in New York City. What they did was sell airtime to customers who didn't want to establish a station of their own. This idea started off slowly, going weeks without any pay. And then a real-estate development company paid $50 to present a 10 minute advertisement. The birth of Advertising on air.


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