Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chapter 9

"The movies also spread rapidly because a variety of improved projectors came on the market: Edison's competitors first imported the Limiere cinematographe; then, having left Edison for a new company, Dickson introduced his projector." (Starr P. 300) In the late 1800's, its safe to say that technology was not the most advanced area during that time. In the time of film and film development, the people who were involved with it all needed to have some type of better view and technology was the only things that made it possible. After reading Paul Starr's quote, the upgrade of projectors made the viewing of film better and better. The more advanced projectors were the main cause during the spread of movies. Being that movies became so popular and it cost money to see, this also helped the wealth of the country. I also feel that not enough credit is given to those who started the whole movie industry. It is a huge part of todays entertainment and we strive to make it better everyday because technology is basically our way of life. Everything we know today is made or comes from some sort of technology weather it be cellular phone, computers, banking, automotives etc.


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