Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Business Side Of early Broadcasting

Starr Page 338, "Listing priorities for radio, the business and engineering representatives at that conference had put "toll broadcasting" in last place and recommended prohibiting "direct" advertising and llowing only " a statement of the call laters of the station and a name of the concern for the matter broadcasted." There were so many doubts and concerns by everyone around radio as to how money could be made. An initial thought was a tax on radio recievers, but how much money could really be made there? But when the fantstic idea of advertising came around eveeryone involved was very skeptical. People didn't want radio to be commericalized for odd reasons, but in the end there was really no other way to make money on the air waves. Yet still, different radio stations and different companies remained hesitant. It is a good thing that Hoover changed his anti-commercial radio stance. When all is lost on this earth, radio will always be a constant, no matter what technology has evolved. Without the early agreements of advertising radio may have been a quick fad that would have faded long before now.


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