Thursday, April 23, 2009

Film is an Art Form!

“At the time of the Supreme Court’s decision in “Mutual Film” in 1915, the limited reach of the state and local municipal censors, as well as the competitiveness and diversity of the movie industry, prevented any single public or private organization form controlling the content of the movies (Starr315). Basically what the Supreme Court ruled was that the motions pictures were a form of business and not a form of art so therefore the First Amendment did not protect the motion pictures. For anyone that does not know what the First Amendment is, it is the freedom of speech. I believe that because the Courts did not rule in favor of the early films it was unconstitutional because the film industry is absolutely a form of art. If someone starts to censor film where does it stop? The censoring of art is taking away from the expression of the artist making it extremely difficult for the artist to paint a picture or get his or her point across. They say a picture can tell a thousand words but if an individual starts to compromise that it cannot even convey even a few words. What’s next the government telling someone what they can or cannot wear in public. Taking away the freedom of expression can result in ciaos!


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