Thursday, April 23, 2009

Censored or Not

"But there's a critical difference between today's debates over the internet and yesterday's over the radio. Today, questions of cultural corruption---pornography and violence--hold the public's interest, while the more complex issues of commercialization and private control of a public resource are relegated to the business pages and the peripheries of the public mind"(The March of Radio). Today people in society are more concerned with media , and crime and the things that are going on in their living environment ,things that some feel are not as important as whats going on in the government or with businesses things that really affect how people live and things that ultimately effect the economy. People pay more attention to things that don't directly affect them , then they do to things that some believe are of the utmost importance. According to The March of Radio the massive telecommunications Bill, was passed more because of the profit that can be made as opposed to the real issue of who can have access to the means of communication. There appears to be more concern over what profit can be made, then to the actual concern of what is being displayed to the public , no matter what age or mind set.


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