Thursday, April 30, 2009

Be Happy With Your Self

Why is Gloria Swanson is always broke? After reviewing that reading I belive that she was playing a rich woman in her films so she had to repersent that woman in real life which ultimatly was her downfall. "All my salary goes for clothes or furniture. I buy much more expensive clothes than I should, much more expenisive than I ever did before." Thats a problem for everyone in our great country." Thats why we as a country are in a major reccession, we spend more than we have. Some do it to impress others but others do it to live up to the expectation of who they are trying to be in the public eye. "Its mighty hard to wear a robe costing a thousand dollars, all day long and then go to the dressing room and put on my comparatively poor best." I think this symbolizes that who we try to be can be the downfall for oneself. For example, if i try to be someone I am not ultimaley I will do certain actions that I would not do normally which can lead me down the wrong path. I think this story conveys the idea that media has been transforming people as a whole and making them want to look like what they see on Tv. Think about it, look at the youth of America, they all want to look like the celebrity on tv which has lead to serious health concerns. We can all learn from Gloria Swanson and learn that we need to be happy within our selves and not care how others may or may not precieve you because in the end your the one who has to look your self in the mirror and be happy with what you see!


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