Tuesday, May 05, 2009


As Stated, " It is because of consumer demand is the life blood of the American economic system that television promises to be such a powerful factor in the postwar economic world. The immediate postwar development of television can, and will, contribute forcefully to a healthy economic and business life in two ways:
First, in the added employment and added purchasing power which television as a business will bring to the radio industry, of which it is a part." The amount of units being created for the consumers was going to be high in demand after the popularity of the television began. Assuming the average cost of a television is $200.00 in this day, this would represent a ten year market of over six billion dollars worth of television recievers at retail. The second way stated in the article, is that television has the potential and power to stimulate the consumption of all consumer products. The power of marketing and advertising comes into play as it will get into the consumers mind, and have te ability to sell products through these means. Only as consumers buy goods and services are people put to work growing farm products, turning out manufactured products and rendering personal services. Television has the power to create consumer demand and buying of goods and services beyond anything that we have known. This also means the creation of numerous jobs,which mean money flowing in the economy, which means profit.


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