Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"The intimate, authentic rapture you actually feel at such a moment is the very emotion we strive so hard to capture and convey in order to delight our audience"(19). Thousands of people watch love movies, and movies that are primarily about romanticism, and whats acted out on screen is so powerful it leaves the audience in complete awww, with thoughts of how are two people so in love, and how do they actually make it work. The love that is portrayed in the movie is so powerful and believable , that often most people forget that its "acting" , actors and actresses have such a powerful gift to be able to deliver such chemistry, even if there's no actual love for the other. Some of the techniques actors use to make their character come to life and to real be the part , are some of the same things that regular ordinary people should follow in their own love lives. According to John Boles he gives a few tips, " Act your Type" meaning be who you are, never try and take on a different personality that isn't yours just to win a lover over, thats not who you really are and thats not the type of person you were meant to be in life, you always want someone to like you for who you really are. Second Boles suggest " Perfect your approach" doing a little research, and planning out what your going to do, and how your going to do it, just makes your chances stronger of success. One of the most important suggestions that Boles give is "Don't think about yourself" almost everyone loves a selfless person, it makes people feel cared about and that you are a genuine person when the well being of another matters more to you, it shows that you have a great deal of love to give and that you are of good nature. A lot can be learned from movies, that will help in everyday life.

Boles, John. "Let the Screen Stars Teach You How to Make Love." Let Screen Stars Teach You How to Make Love: 19-22.


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