Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Worst TV Often Entertains the Largest Audiences

In the Godfrey piece, he talks mostly about how awful the quality of the television programs are that receive the highest ratings. Now this was in 1960; is it any different today? All he continues to say is how poor the public taste in entertainment is and how it is something that cannot really be changed. "Culture cannot be legislated. The same millions who give high ratings to televised drool also elect the President of the United States. You can't stop people from getting their jollies." This sounds exactly like modern day society. Look at all the ridiculous reality shows that air every night between 7 and 11p.m. Their the worst programs ever! Yet just look at how high the ratings for these shows are. Reason for this according to Godfrey is that people want "an escape" when they get home from work. They need something to watch that will provide "sensual thrills" and "maudlin sentimentality." "They want anything except that which will stimulate and therefore tax the mind." As Godfrey says, "maybe it doesn't suit our taste, but it entertains the hell out of somebody...."


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