Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Promoting "Lucky Strike" Cigarettes

The rise of public relations industry and the transformation of advertising during the 1920 have had a big affect on changing the United States. This brought a new prospective into many people’s homes and also the way they act. Many people wanted there product to be seen and to be sold the only way they could teach the people about it was through promoting, advertising and also through public relations. In Promoting “Lucky Strikes” To Women in the Late 1920’s: by Edward Bernays he speaks on ways to catch the public attention and also different ways in promoting his product. “He spent his waking hours thinking of ideas that might induce more people to but Luckies. He left the production of cigarettes to subordinates. His field was selling. He seized recklessly, fearlessly any idea he thought would sell Luckies. Some of his selling idea had far-reaching social effects. Maury was eager for publicity and recognized that the publicity would help him. When his story was sent to newspapers, photographers and artist took their cue from Maury, and public soon became more oriented toward slenderness” (Bernays, 11).


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