Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Radio as an Educational Force

Frank, Glenn. Radio as an Educational Force. Annals of the Academy. January, 1935.

"Radio has given education a new medium. Education must invest radio with meaning. I have been convinced that invention, of radio, the talking film, and television is destined to affect the process and scope of education with quite as revolutionary as followed in the wake of the invention of printing press. Radio, the talking film, television can warm, illumine, and fertilize the routines of education by bringing the fruits of scattered genius into the world around. Radio is indirectly excreting a profound and productive educational influence on American Life. The mechanism of radio itself, entirely aside from any deliberate policy on the parts of the administrators, will tend in time to give u a new kind of statesman and a new kind of voter" ( Frank 119-22).

This article talks about Radio being a very important part of a way to educate people not only in the schools but also in the community around them. Frank touches upon how radio allows to to become a more important consumer and allows you to make your own choices. He goes on saying that radio is going to change the way people view politics and also popular votes. It will give you a chance to hear the side of everything that is going own in everyone and also listen clearer to the way the politicians speak. The listeners, the individual can based for themselves who they think is giving the best answer to fulfill there needs, and that they want to hear.


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