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John Boles (October 28, 1895 - February 27, 1969) was a United States actor. He was born in Greenville, Texas into a middle class family. He graduated with honors from the University of Texas in 1917 and also married Marielite Dobbs in that same year. Although his parents wanted him to a doctor, John Boles preferred acting and singing and he demonstrated talents for them from an early age. Eventually he became one of the biggest love scene actors of his time and wrote and an article published in The Illustrated Love Magazine, in June 1934. The article titled Let the Screen Stars teach you How to Make Love. The article was an education on how an actor must capture his love scene on camera just as it would appear in real life. John describes how each love scene is different due to the context of the film and who the actress is opposite him. John did love scenes with famous actresses like Margaret Sullivan in Only Yesterday and Irene Dunne in Back Street. John Boles wrote this article to reiterate how important a love scene can be on film and in real life and you must appeal to your partner as she wishes. John Boles career was so successful because he was cast in glamorous roles, and had the most perfected type of tenderness that appealed to a large variety of women.


At 11:09 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good post.

The significance of this article is the role of the movies as a model for behavior. Movies teach us how to be romantic. The media as a role model instructing us how to comport ourselves. The media as a means of socialization and instruction on even the most intimate affairs.


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