Monday, April 30, 2007

“The Future of Radio Advertising in the United States”- By: Roy S. Durstine

The invention of the radio was a massive innovation that should still be astounding people threw the world but does not according to Durstine. “Yet so swiftly do people condition themselves to the miraculous, once it is absorbed into their lives, that tendency is to toss off appraisals of radio with about as much thought as is used in flipping a cigarette end into a fireplace.” Durstine is here describing the common American, who does not appreciate what they have but take it for granted once something new comes along the appreciation of an innovation is treated as if been there and done that phase. The typical radio audience is “a tired, bored middle-aged man or women whose lives are empty and who have exhausted their sources of outside amusement when they have taken a quick look at their evening paper.” The typical radio audience enjoys and appreciates the comfort of radio listening but because of there own stereo type they are not usually the typical public speaker who denounces radio.

“The Impending Radio War”- By: James Rorty

“At the bottom the issue is part of the larger conflict between exploitation for private profit and the increasingly articulate movement for public ownership and operation of essential public services… In this conflict the citadel of radio is the key position, because the control of the radio means increasingly the control of public opinion.”

The on going “Radio War” Rorty is speaking of is the control that private and public business elite have over the information and words being said on the radio. Today’s radio airwaves are protected by SAR which are associates who distinguish what can and cannot be said on the radio; therefore making its listeners only know what they want to know. If you are a radio listener your opinion is being formed for you; the opinions said on the radio are not those of its viewers or even its disc jockeys but the radio “Big Business Elite”. The business elite as well as educators know this and use it to there advantage to promote there ideas and sales in there opinion according to Rorty.


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