Monday, April 30, 2007

Chapter Nine-

“Whereas newspapers and magazines had begun among the elite and evolved in a more popular direction, movies acquired a lowbrow image at an early point in their history and faced a challenge in achieving respectability.” [Page 296, Paragraph 2, Line 2]

When newspapers became popular only rich elites in society were able to afford them. Having a paper gave you a status in society because of the cost of its information. When movies came out it became affordable to the general public which made the rich elite feel it was not “respectable” because if poor people were able to afford it then it was not special. The image of movies had what you would call low class image and high class didn’t want to associate themselves with something they see as beneath them. To achieve this image movies producers and owners had to reflect an affordable image as well as a “respectable” image to appeal to all classes.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Sean A. Inglis said...

This was so, but it was probably because most of the lower class of people were not really able to read, so they had really no business in buying newspapers!!!


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