Monday, April 30, 2007

Minute Men of the Air

This article "Minute Men of the Air" by William S. Dutton, it describes to us the invention of Mr. Maxim which is the silencer and how it took place in the field of ordinance and electricity and that the public knows of this invention. This article states that Mr. Maxim is one of the world's famous radio amateur.
He told Dutton about a band of brothers that have communion in most of the empyrean spaces. Dutton was amazed by the things the he was hearing from Mr. Maxim. He told the interviewer about "men and boys that could leap all around the world that have wiped out the age old barriers of race, language and distance; who uses their souls, to shoot messages into the infinite and it also challenges the answers of the stars themselves". What this quote means is that it explains that men and boys could move around and they have taken out the barriers that have to do with race and language.
Dutton said that Mr. Maxim told him of heroism in flood and also the disaster of a great emergency system of communication that stands ready to "carry on". This article also states that Mr Maxim told Dutton of a university of the air where there were a lot of volunteers which come in nightly that come to help. This was done primarily for the love of work and the thrill for achievement. Dutton was amazed by how the silencer was built. This article describes how world dominion has been conceived and also the execution of amateurs in the face of laughter. It states that this invention has been built without capital and no knowledge.


At 10:46 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

I think you have missed the point here. This is article is not about the "silencer." It is an article about radio amateurs creating a network of communication. Maxim is one of these people who believed that radio was a means of universal communication that could bridge great distances and bring people together.


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