Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Chapter 7 "The rise of Moral Censorship"

In the Creation of the Media, Starr speaks on Pornography filtering the society. This passage spoke on the issue and how it is a disgrace. "Studies of state intervention in the nineteenth century usually emphasize such measures as factory legislation, public health, and social insurance, but there was also increase in moral regulation, particularly relating to sex, popular culture, and the protection of children. IN the United States, these concerns intersected after the Civil War in growing public preoccupation with obscenity- or as we call it, "pornograpy ," a term that had not yet acquired its modern meaning. Like other movements of moral reform, the campaign had a coercive side, aimed at suppressing vice, and a moralist didactic side, aimed at propagating alternatives thought to more wholesome, pure, uplifting" (Starr, 236).


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