Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Early Radio

By the 1920’s radios were beginning to be sold and people were buying them but they needed something to listen to. There was now a need to broadcast to these radios. KDKA was the first radio station and it was located in Pittsburgh and it broadcast the election results. This was a major step in the radio business. Unlike the telegram, which required you to pay money to have a message sent, and then rely on a messenger to deliver your message, the radio was free and was instant. And unlike other new technologies that were very cumbersome and not portable in the early stages of their lives, the radio was in cars and more portable versions by the mid 1920’s. aside from election results, the world series in baseball was broadcast in 1921. The rise of radio commercials and advertising also arise. The radio also began to influence politics as it first covered the 1924 election. It caused politicians to stop and think what they should say since everything now was being broadcast at conventions.


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A good summary, but what about a discussing a key point or quote from one of the readings on radio?


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