Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Why Gloria Swanson Is Always Broke

Hornblow, Arthur. Why Gloria Swanson Is Always Broke Theatre Magazine Company, Vol. 29, No 5. Ed.

" It's mighty hard to wear a robe costing say a thousand dollars, all day long and then go to the dressing room and put on my comparatively poor best. I can understand the poor cloak model who wears wonders creations all day long and then has put on a simple, little cheap dress"...All my salary goes for clothes or furniture. I buy much more expensive clothes than I should; much more expensive than I ever did before. And I am always buying chairs and pictures and things for my home. I used to be quite satisfied with simpler things in garments and house furniture's"... "You see since I've been working for Mr. DeMille I am always broke"( 304).

More money more problems is the basic premise of this articular. That people would do anything to get money and as soon as they get some money they buy things that they cannot afford or don't even need. Before she was an actress she praised the fact that she was poor but content she. She accepted the fact that she did not have much she had no worries. However she started becoming greedy. she could not see herself as being an actress being in the movies having lavish things on the big screen, when she returned home she had nothing. She was no longer content with what she had. She wanted more, furniture, more of everything. She wanted to live the life that she portrayed on the big screens. This article also talks on how the media portrays the untruth of society, and how it brings you down. Because it makes people want things such as money that they don't have and also willing to do anything to be what society will accept.


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