Monday, January 26, 2009


Welcome to the History of Mass Media blog. For those of you who have never posted to a blog before here are some simple guidelines:

  • Post Weekly: You are expected to post at least once a week starting February 1. Your post must be published before the start of class on Thursdays.

  • Presentation Posts: Posts are required for oral presentations as well (the presentation post will count as weekly post.) A presentation post should include any short quotations, links, images, or video, that you might wish to use in your presentation.

  • Read before Posting: Always read the other posts on the blog before posting, don't repeat the same material as a previous post unless you have something to add to the discussion. Consider making a comment on a previous post instead of posting on the same topic.

  • Short Paragraphs & Quotations: Blogging is a short form. Posts do not have to be very long (two or three well written paragraphs.) Quality is more important than quantity. Use short quotations from the assigned readings, always cite your source clearly. Write brief, focused paragraphs.

  • Cite Sources Clearly: Always cite your sources clearly, using a link to the source material if possible. Use the author's full name, the title, and the page number, if possible.

  • Strong Links: A good post should include helpful links. Judicious use of links to key reference materials can ensure that your posts are short and to the point. Make sure you only link to authoritative, reliable sources of information.

  • Relevant Images: Use images that directly relate to the topic of your post. Don't post images just for window dressing. Ask yourself: does the image add to the substance of the post? Or is it just eye-candy? The same goes for videos.

  • Proof-read! Always proof-read and spell-check your post before publishing. Remember, spell-check does not check the spelling in the title of the post. A warning: this is a public blog and your posts will may be used during class discussion as well (big screen, 40 people reading your post,) so proof-read before publishing!

  • Comment: Reward good posts with praise and constructive crticism and discussion. Be prepared for comments from unknown sources that may not always be polite. Don't engage in flame wars with anonymous commenters.
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