Saturday, May 03, 2008

Arthur Godfrey Sounds Off 1960

Arthur Godfrey explains his view of the networks, sponsors and the public's taste with regards to the problems in television.

"Big business in America is interested only in big audiences, because that is where they get their big business."
TV is going where the people or audience are interested in, and if that means westerns and other pointless time wasting shows so be it he says. Godfrey also explains that sponsors care about ratings more then content and will attract advertisement with the same interests to continue high ratings. In other words if it's junk they like then it is junk they get.
Godfrey describes TV viewers as Americans who get their "jollies" and "drool" in front of the tube all day. He also believes that "television should be left alone, and culture cannot be legislated". In truth Godfrey says that quality is not what brings in ratings but "drool" and that it is possible to bring educational worth while programs onto the television if big money sponsored such things. It is also important that the average Joe as he calls it needs to improve ones self to want better entertainment.
While Arthur Godfrey didn't believe that pay TV wouldn't help the quality of shows but instead just be regular TV without any commercials. Well in 2008 we have pay TV and yes Arthur Godfrey they also have commercials and people still drool in front of the set, only difference is that now we (as in the majority audience) are addicted to reality shows. American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Bachelor, Survivor etc. Sorry Arthur no more westerns but Pepto-Bismal ads still flourish.


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