Thursday, May 01, 2008

Why Gloria Swanson Is Always Broke.

Gloria Swanson was quite the extraordinary woman in the movie business. Even though she was joyfully honored with playing lead roles, she realized that it had it's flaws. She always played a woman of the wealthy class and it was seen with the lifestyle that she portrayed. What disappointed her was that her real life was the opposite. Swanson wasn't poor but she couldn't afford the clothes that she was wearing on the big screen.

"The gowns I wear in the pictures are much more elaborate and beautiful than I could ever afford. Before I wore them I never desired them. But as soon as I see myself in one of them, and wear it around the stage for a while, I begin to ger discontented. I want to own gowns like that. And zing! my salary has vanished before I am aware of it!"

The reason that she was portraying this elite lifestyle was that women audiences would be affected. The media wanted women to see these glamourous ladies in films where they would want to be like them. Even if most women didn't care about expensive things, now they did. They were willing to spend a lot of money even if they spent less on food or home furnishings. Scarlett O'Hara in the film Gone With The Wind, was beautiful, elegent, and she had the life. Women audiences were fascinated and they wanted that life. The media had an enormous impact on the way that people lived their lives or the way they changed their lives.


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