Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How A Murder Should Be Advertised

In 1927, Will Rogers wrote an article in The Daily World about the content of violence and murder in mass produced newspapers. It's truly a shame that bad and upsetting news attracts more people but it happens. A death of a celebrity is far more interesting than a celebrity who gets married or has a baby. "Death get twice the notice than births do in the papers. Nobody wants to know who was born, but everybody is anxious to know who dies, and the better known they are the more anxious they are to read about their death." When someone dies everyone talks about it and they wonder how it happened. They want to know what the reason is. There is a mystery. When it comes to happy news, there is no mystery. What you see is what you get. You read it and accept it. It makes as to why there is a lot less attention concering the happier news. Rogers goes on to talk about murder, he says that, "It's best not to have a woman do the murdering. A case like that holds little for a little, but when it comes to a trial it loses interest, for the people want to see a case where there is some chance of conviction. Get some church member mixed up in it if possible, and you won't have much trouble along that line." It's completely crazy that a difference in gender changes attention too. People think that men are more dangerous and that women are more innocent. Women can get away with more. There is more excitement and suspense when seeing a man on trial than a woman because there is more of a chance that he will be convicted. He will get punished. It's interesting what really catches peoples' attention


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