Thursday, April 24, 2008

Advertising and radio, Hand and Hand

In the article "Should Radio Be Used for Advertising? by Joseph H. Jackson, he talks about what people should expect to see in the near future. His argument is very strong because he sees commerilization of the airwaves ahead of us. The radio is something that everyone listen's to, and it is becoming a mass media outlet. He see's the radio as a resouce for advertising to the masses. He feels that advertising on the radio is going to become so huge that it's going to be the majority of what we hear on the radio. He predicted the future just as it would be, as much as we hear music on the radio, that's exactly as much advertising we hear. It now goes hand and hand, because advertising it what funds radio stations and allow them to keep on air. Without advertising there would be no radio, unless it paid for. The only way for people to listen to the radio without hearing advertising if for them to subscribe to such things as xm radio, and siruses radio, among others. I think this was very smart on businesses behalf, to see the importance of radio advertising because of the large number of people it can across too. But then i also agree with Jackson because he feels, that we shouldn't be forced to listen to advertising that forcing their products on to us. Now a days people listen to the radio every chance they get, from when they wake in the mourning, or from their commute to and from their job. If advertising is being heard in people ears all day long in this way, so their going to give in, and end up buying the product they are hearing advertised every minute.



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