Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ad Bombardment

You are feeling sort of soothed and good-natured and at peace with the world. All of a sudden a gruff voice or a whining voice or a nasal voice or some other kind of voice says 'GoodMorning! Have you used Hare's Soap?'
Joseph H. Jackson illustrates his fears with this line in his article "Should Radio Be Used for Advertising." This type of advertisement has become more intergrated in our society than he could have imagined. Our TV's give us 5 minutes of advertisement for every 10 minutes of actual programming, and how many of us have dealt with the pop-up and banner ads that plague the internet. How many of us hear that we've just won two nano iPods while using the world wide web. Advertisement has become so widespread that we barely even notice it anymore. Years ago there were nearly advertisments on the bases in the stadiums to complement the advertisements on the walls. I don't see any way to stop it, but our society has learned to ignore it for the most part.


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