Thursday, April 02, 2009

Motion Pictures to make Good Citizens.....

The motion picture is now established and is being used by all types of groups such as the board of health, and other civic bodies to show citizens how to act and keep themselves well. Some motion pictures are there to help promote civil reforms, to abolish child labor, to contract prison labor and also to elect candidates to office. The Motion picture was starting to put in great use. 
For example, one major use the motion picture was used for was  the beginning works of "Votes for Women". This was a film produced by the Reliance Studio. Dr. Anna Howard Shaw and Jane Addams came to New York to be in this film to support their sisters and the suffragists.
On the other hand, Civic Bodies are approaching Motion picture from another angle. The civic bodies are having motion pictures made on their own initiative and they are giving their audience free shows and are advertising them a great deal. The motion picture has helped with evidence for crimes in many cases. For example, in Los Angeles a man who is a motion picture camera man managed to film a riot in front a federal building on June 25, and he caught evidence on film which caused fines for the rioters. 
One other major help from motion pictures was enlightening us to new information on health. Health films were introduced to help us understand what exactly was going on either in prisons, in factories or other jobs concerning child labor, and also food and how it was being handled in a clean manner. 
As you can see, we can thank motion pictures because they have helped us gather more information, enlightened us on facts that were not known to the citizens, health, and has helped us solve crimes. 

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At 10:27 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

A great post. The reformers believed that film could be used to educate and promote civic values to counter the negative content of commercial amusements.

The second point you raise is also important: Photography and film could also be used for surveillance and control.


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