Thursday, March 19, 2009

Early Film

Picture photography became a reality in the 1890's and from that point on, photography started to evolve. At first it was no fancy projects. There was no editing and the camera was always fixed. If characters were off camera, there was nothing the director can do about it. Audience wanted to see the movies go forward and backwards. The first ten years of motion pictures show the cinema moving from a novelty to an established large-scale entertainment industry. When movies started to become in production, it was mostly silent with only music playing in the background. The only person that would talk is the narrator. Even though they were called silent movies, they were far from silent. They had composers in the theater as well to make everything that was happening to be realistic. Sound was not developed until the late 1920's and this started a new trend as well. By the Early 1900's, movies became a huge industry and became a high earning entertainment.


At 7:30 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

O.K., but try to work from one of the readings if possible. Remember the main focus of the blog is to show your engagement with the assigned readings. So posting about what you hear in class is acceptable, and even encouraged but not sufficient: Base you posts on the documents, provide key quotes, etc.

In your first sentence you mention 'photography' but I think you mean moving pictures/motion pictures/film/movies/cinema/photoplays, or anyone of the many terms used to describe the motion picture industry.


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