Thursday, March 19, 2009

"The Warden of the State Prison of Ohio, T.H.B. Jones arranged with a film company to take 3,000 feet of motion picturews showing how that prison in many ways a modle penal institution, is conducted. These reels, which are now released, show the various educational schemes in vogue in the prison, the trade school, night schools and chapel. Prisoners are shown in all routine, and the films offer a most effective means of showing a penal institution for public criticism."

I feel like this is the begining of reality T.V.. People enjoy seeing what goes on behind the seens. When there are fights and drama people feed off of it. The though of actually prisoners being on T.V. will get people thinking what really goes on in a prison. Reality T. V is such a hit, especially in the world today. You cant flip through the channels today without seeing at least one reality show on. Realtiy T.V. is what people want and by putting "real" things on t.v. make people want to watch more.


At 8:28 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

Who are you "wiidbill"? If you would like credit you need to use a display name I can interpret. Also, where is that brief but descriptive title for the post? You also need to cite the source of your quotation clearly (Author, Title, Date,)

Your discussion is good, and you make an interesting comparison. I think that the article you are citing envisioned the use of film as an educational or instructional medium providing information and facts to a public that was interested in issues like prison reform. This was the progressive ideal of film-making as a tool for enlightenment and social reform. It don't know where reality TV fits into that scheme.


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