Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Looking back at history and comparing it with todays current inventions it is easy to see that innovations gradually incline. After viewing the movie on film our drive to better motion pictures had made a huge leap. The handout called Motion pictures to Make Good Citizens was an extremely interesting topic. Boyd Fisher's piece that was written in 1912 speaks about how Motion Picture aka shows and movies will better the people and "teach citizens how to keep well". Boyd Quotes " They are being used for city planing records. They are being used for accurate historical records. They are depicting model prisons and model orphanages. They are teaching agriculture at United States experiement stations. They are campaigning for good roads. They are teaching industires and getting laborers for industries." (Fisher p.234) Its strange to see how uncertain people were about motion pictures in 1912 when we basically live by television today. There are television serious today that explain how to build a house or cook food. Sports is also one of the largest watched events on television. Some people today live by movies and sometimes even learn from the movie. I agree with film because it is a positive for our society and the only reason being is that we usually tend to inherit some sort of new piece of information.


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