Thursday, March 19, 2009

Motion Pictures

The motion pictures were different in the early 19th century, to what we are use to today, for instance they felt it was dangerous for women and children to be out late watching a motion picture as in we adore in today's society.During the nineteenth movies were called motion pictures, they were more urbanized than the rich paying attention. As always government had a huge play in motion pictures such as its "influenced its development through subsides in postal rates, government printing contracts and other means" and mainly what was seen as we say the big screen. Motion pictures was nothing but screen shots of people with the middle class still contributed to the screen shots. Soon as the right people knew that they could make a bigger profits motion pictures became movies with "Vaudeville being one of the most popular live entertainment medium of the of the late nineteenth century evolved out of variety informal performances in saloons and music halls when impresarios made the entertainment the primary attraction and cleaned up the acts to appeal to respectable audiences". "The economic advantages of movie projection were clear, far more people could watch a screened motion picture than could use a kinetoscope".


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