Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Chapter 9 is a great piece of information for the mere fact that its the history of the biggest part of entertainment today. Weather heading to the movies or watching television in your home, all this knowledge dates back to where it all started. Film and movie has become such an important part of not only American culture, but entertainment for people all over the world. Chapter 9 discusses how and who were really attracted to the film scene during the late 1800's. "The movies did not start out with low-status patronage everywhere. In Europe, they originally attracted a more middle-class audience and early exhibitions of "High Class" motion pictures were common in America as well."(Starr p.297) Americans at this time felt that this was the new "culture" because it was such a new important source of entertainment. The film scene also made its way into color diversity which basically set the tone for our most famous actors today. Dating back to early 1900's the average price of a ticket was $1.00 which at that time was alot of money. I find this chapter very interesting because as time goes in new technology brings forth where we are today in terms of movies and film. Hopefully we go more in depth with this topic becuase its one that really grabs my interest.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

Were all movies $1 at the beginning of the Century? Which class had the most movie-goers before WWI? How did the class composition of the audiences affect the movie business and the content of the films?


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