Monday, March 09, 2009

Who makes a crime wave? The press makes a crime wave!

The article I make a crime wave is about how a crime wave was started in the early 20th century not by an actual increase in crime but about the increase of reports of crimes. The writer of this story was listening to crimes stories in the basement of a police headquarters when he heard this tale. It is a humorous story about how two thieves robbed a house with the help of a pollice officer. Two men were going to "clean" this house that was closed for the summer when they see a cop at the end of the street, this doesnt stop the robbery instead they piled up all valuables in the house along with bigger items to make it look like a move and not a robbery, when the officer spproached them about blocking the sidewalk they toold him they got everything out of the house and asked for the officers help, and he did. This caught the attention of the writer and he wrote about this incident in the news the next day. The story created such a buzz that other papers wrote about interesting crimes and it became a contest of who could get the most stories.

As time went on , concerns arised about this increasing "crime wave" in New York, it was such a concern that President TR came and spoke about it and attempted to fix it.

Initially the police used a system of regulation and control, meaning that cops would know about robberies and about criminal activity, and would only protect the people with "pull, power, or prestige" everyone else was fair game. New Yorkers were told back then to report a robery to the police and not the press because the press could alert the thieves, but if you reported the crime to both the police and the press you would have a much greater chance of success because "detectives work hardest on a case that is in the papers." When TR got involved he was told that there wasn't a "crime wave" there was simply the increase in stories related to crime, so when the stories decreased so did the crime wave.

Basically, this whole article is about how the press can create a crime wave just by reporting, and, how the press can have an impact on things such as law enforcement.


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