Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thank Joseph Pulitzer for your Newspaper!

When you are sitting on  train, bus, taxi, or even sitting in a car while someone else is driving and you find yourself reading the newspaper or see others around you taking in information from their paper in front of them now did you ever think how did this newspaper come about so easily to us? We should thank the man that gave us this luxury. His name is Joseph Pulitzer. Joseph began his career working at a newspaper in St. Louis he was an Austrian jewish immigrant who came to the United States in 1864, little did we know what knowledge he was bringing with him. He became a reporter, publisher, editor, and a business manager. He states, "The fundamental aims of the paper were middle class-to foster the development of St. Louis as a business center and as an attractive place of residence for the average citizen". Meaning that the paper's goal is to be able to reach out to any class whether it is high or low. Everyone should be able to get a hold of the newspaper and to see what exactly is going on in the world. Pulitzer wanted to change the ways of the newspaper, make it better with attracting the eye with basic news gatherings and make it brighter in style. To be more specific would be one major development which was called self-advertising which is the use of illustrations. This included hiring an artist, which lead to cartoons. "Mark the beginning of the modern era of newspaper illustration". Self-advertising also involved making the headlines larger and darker. Later, he came up with the idea of entertainment, just to remind you on Sunday papers, till this day they are still the most entertaining paper of the week. For example, Pulitzer would include civil war news in the Sunday issue, and special editions. 
Geographic Mobility became one of the most important aspects  for the middle class, which was never experienced before. This is the idea that should be thought about everyday. Improved urban transportation for the middle class into the suburbs meant a lot of miles which were being spent doing nothing but waiting to get to your destination. However, thanks to Pulitzer his idea was to reduce the size of the page and increase the size of the font, headlines, and pictures, and most of all the story that catches your eye that would be concentrated throughout the paper. When all was said and done you were able to bring your paper anywhere you wanted you didn't have to worry about it being so big. So, now wherever you are you can enjoy your paper. "From the 1840s , the "lead " had been pushed by the high cost of telegraphic transmission of news; now it was pulled by the abbreviated moments in which newspapers were being read."


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