Thursday, March 05, 2009

Path for the Telephone

Through out my reading of chapter 6 I found the history of the telphone to be interesting because there was a personal connection being that I depend (along with the rest of the world) on the use of a telephones and cell phones tremendously and probely couldn't function without some sort of daily use. The first piece of history I found interesting was the fact that some looked at it as unreliable with limtied range while the telephone was also overlooked because no one noticed the importance it would have for the furture or the money and busniess that it would bring. The telephone was built to just improve the the telegrpah at first but instead it soon replaced it. Soon some took notice to the telephone such as Alexander Graham Bell, Greene Hubbard and Orton and with their recognition one of the best invention was created. The second point I found interesting was that the European countries didnt hop on the band wagon right away because they held many doubts about the expansion of the telephone. This was until telegraph authorities realzied there could be potenial lsot if they didnt confine it in two ways which was geographical limits on the connections and dates for the furture when the state miight take possession of the networks.



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