Wednesday, March 04, 2009

In June of 1876, many people witnessed an invention that most believed would not be successful. Today in 2009 it is the most commenly used way to communicate along with the cellular phone and internet. Alexander Graham Bell who because of his aspirations is still an icon and successor in todays history due to his invention of the telephone. His first display of the telephone took place at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia of June, 1876.
Bell was not a wealthy man and to invent something that was meant to be global, he of course needed some help in the financial department. During his time as a teacher of the deaf, he met many people and found his way into wealthy homes. One being Gardiner Green Hubbard who was an entrepreneur as well as a Boston Brahmin Lawyer. " Hubbard became the driving force in the earliest days of Bell Telephone, founded in July 1877" (Starr p.195)
I had and always will find Alexander Graham Bell to be Truly inspiring for the simple fact that he invented something that we "need" today. Yes there is internet and cell phones but around the world people may not be able to afford them. In my eyes the man is not only a genius but an icon and because of him, our world is much easier to communicate with one another.


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