Thursday, February 26, 2009

Take a picture of me! It may be worth something someday!

The development of the photo has transformed the world as we know it. Without this technology we would still be viewing pictures with oil paintings. This meaning it would take a large amount of time and would be only available to the higher class. Much like any new technology the photo was not any different. It was a way to show people your status or style. For example,when people come into the homes of the rich they can see the display of the family portraits and how wealthy they truly are. "Photography was a new way to see the world." This is very much true because now an individual does not have to solely rely on his memory of a picture but now can capture it with a camera. It funny to realize how far the camera truly came.
Johann H. Schulze in 1727 was a German chemist who discovered that when he mixed chalk, silver and nitric acid it ultimately darken when it was exposed to sunlight. This meaning it was the first use of the photo. In addition, Thomas Wedgeprint used sun pictures on leather to display his photo. I found this to be quite interesting because leather seems to me to be a very non photogenic paper. The use of the camera's in today's world is absolutely a phenomenon. From its simplest forms of a family portrait at Sears or a photo shoot for celebrities. No matter who is taking the picture they all came from the same process. From Linear Prospective to taking pictures at the beach, wow what a transformation!


At 11:07 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good post. (Wedgewood not Wedgprint, Wedgewood is a very famous name.)


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