Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Rise of " the New Journalism" truth or entertainment?

In today's world of media , how do we find out about the events of the world around us? We have endless possibilities at our very fingertips, from the newspapers, to magazines, to radio and TV and of course the Internet. We take it for granted that we can flick on the TV and see the anchors, and the field reporters in action delivering to us the news that is happening at that very second. So how did this mass media and the idea of journalism come about? Many believe that it started from the early times of the penny press and from individual nation-state newspapers. In actuality the idea of journalism and of "reporting" the news is actually very recent.
In the article " The New Journalism", by Michael Schudson he claims that " reporting was an invention of the end of the nineteenth century" . Reporting at its origins however was not the same as the reporting of today. As Schudson explains in his article, there was only a few big papers circulating within this era of time, and there was distinct types of reporting associated with each one. These papers, such as World and the Journal , were seen as representing " the new journalism".
These papers were also seen as slanting towards a more entertaining viewpoint. This is where the idea of a newspaper or magazine becoming more entertaining than truthful. George Herbert Mead was famous for stating how some parts of the news, things such as financial and election results emphasized " the truth value of news" , whereas most other parts of the news were about "enjoyability" and "consummatory value".
These same issues still stand today. Many people claim news to be "politically slanted" or biased in so many different areas. A lot of people also believe that different news stations and papers, such as CNN or The New York Times are more of an acceptable and credible source of news. Whichever view point you take, it is important for us to realize that these issues were risen from the origins of journalism, and that even today the world of journalism is affected by these new issues.


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