Thursday, March 05, 2009

Rise in Technology

"In rise of any new medium, a key factor is its relationship to the dominant technology of the day. Since organizations with a large stake in existing technology are likely to try to preserve their investment-into- days idiom, they are reluctant to "cannibalize" their current business-any policies or legal decisions that give them influence over the new medium may retard its introduction"(193).
With every day that passes and as technology becomes more and more advance there's an abundance of new things being made and distributed. Which means there's always a new something trying to replace an old something. There's always a new cell phone device being made, a new mp3 gadget being introduced to the world. These things cause a constant need for improvement from companies to keep up and to keep their business's from falling under. The current owners try to keep all their rights and try to prevent any other creation from out doing what they already have on the market.

Paul Starr, The Creation of the Media 193


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