Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Media Find: Oldest Voice Recording 1860

The above images are of a phonautogram on the left, and the picture on the right is a new find in Audio History; dated 1860 a voice recording from Paris, France.

I saw this on the news and then found it on rueters. The voice recording dates seventeen years earlier than Thomas Edison's recorded sound. Found in Paris by American "Audio Historians". It is a ten second sound recording of the folk song "Au Clair De La Lune". The phonautogram captured sounds visually but could not play them back.


At 4:12 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

Interesting. This underscores the idea that many people were working towards the same objectives at about the same time. The race to capture sound and vision was on. Edison was the man who won, in part because of his inventive genius, in part because of his ability to capitalize on his invention as businessman. He saw a market and profit for his invention.


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