Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Use of the Camera Obscura 1824

"by this means, the necessity of sending out emissaries to reconnoitre the conduct of lieges, under the eye of police; and, if any impropriety or misconduct were observed, it would only by necessary to send a posse to the particular spot where it happened"

Back in 1824, they knew that the camera obscura was going to change history as they knew it. Placing this contraption high above to capture lieges in action, is still going on today. Many cameras have been placed high above, attached to buildings, to monitor activity below. Now recently than ever, due to the bombings of the World Trade Centers.

I truly believe this a great technology that can help so many people in our society. Our country is on the offensive due to the terrorism in our country. Being a resident of New York and a "lover" of the city,it makes me feel reassured some how of my safety as I peruse the streets of Manhattan. If this technology help solve crimes, prevent attacks or even help police locate missing children. I think it is great. Noone's privacy is being violated, it is used for protecting our country.


At 4:16 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good post

The document is question describes the use of a large camera obscura to capture the images of people walking by. It was a gimmick, a novelty, but the possiblity for surveillance attracted attention even in 1824.

It was not technically possible at the time but raising issue, the demand to keep an eye on the public is an early manifestation of the use of the media for surveillance and control.


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