Thursday, February 28, 2008

Media Sensationalism!

"While media sensationalism should by no means be construed as a well-orchestrated, dark conspiracy to "divert the public mind" from more important political issues, this frank discussion of the diversionary effect of sensational news on the public is important. Sensational news, as it spreads through the media, can easily push other issues off the front pages and out of the public's eye. Sensationalism can be pleasurable diversion, but this diverting power has political implications." -- Looking At The Sun, Sensationalism, And The Penny Press, Page 3.

It was truly amazing how the media affected everything. It was greatly influenced by all different things. The media kept trying to get the people to learn about news and to pay less attention to the important political occurances. They wanted people to enjoy media sensationalism - everything the media would bring to the public eye - and not to think of it as bad. It seemed as though the media was depowering the press of politics.

This was extremely important because it had a huge affect. This sensation was changing the subjects of front page news, maybe it was propaganda, maybe it wasn't. The quote is saying that this can be a great thing but it causes problems within politics. It kinda reminds me how in magazines or newspapers, they would rather have a celebrity on the cover instead of any person of political importance. People are more interested in those celebrities and it's kind of a shame, but sometimes it's a good thing to get a break from the political world.


At 12:40 AM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

Interesting issue. I think that the sensationalism is above all profitable. Political diversion is a sensational idea, but it smacks of conspiracy theory without any evidence of real orchestration.

Escapism is a powerful motivation. We all need distraction.


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