Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Revised Class Schedule & Second Assignment Available

The revised class schedule for the remainder of the semester is now available in the Course Information section of Blackboard. The Second Essay Assignment is at the end of the file.

Don't follow the schedule in the original syllabus, use the revised class schedule instead.

The Second Essay Assignment is also available in the Assignments Section of Blackboard.

We will be discussing 19th century photography when we return from Spring Break. Read the reading packet on photography to prepare for class. This is the same packet that you should be posting on as well.

Readings for Tuesday 3/25:
Miles Orvell, “Presenting the Self,” 2003.
“Use of the Camera Obscura,” Glasgow Mechanics Magazine, 1824.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, “The Stereoscope and the Stereograph,” 1854.
Charles Baudelaire, “The Modern Public and Photography,” 1859.
“The Pernicious Picture Post Card,” Atlantic Monthly, 1906.


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