Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Greed and Gloria

Gloria Swanson was a beautiful woman and a lovely actress. But under all that beauty was a devastated woman consumed with wealth and materialism. It all started after she played a wealthy woman for her first two films, Gloria said "Before I started working I was always broke...But once I met Mr. DeMille I had plenty of money to with what I pleased, but I haven't it anymore." Since Gloria made all of her money, she felt the need to spend it just as fast on clothing, furniture, and any other indulgences she felt necessary. By the end when she had no money left she said, "just for once I might be allowed to play a poor waif on the streets.". At the end she realized that she spent her money on insignificant things instead of saving it for the better things in life. Gloria's life proves to me that wealth does not buy happiness, but it can buy more problems because that is what it she ended up with.


At 8:07 PM, Blogger Sean A. Inglis said...

Wealth ceratinly does not buy happiness, but we aslo ahve to remember that even though she knew is was broke, she did not want the public to know that her funds were depleting. So it was her choice to keep up with her wealthy lifestyle, which in the end landed her in poorville!!!


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