Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The March of Radio

"Many of the fantasies and anxieties swirling around the explosion of the internet today are more than reminiscent of controversy surrounding radio in its early days." (Kelly) This article discusses the lucrative controversies that surround technology from the past to the present day. Today, the internet is our main source of information one could say. With this access to unlimited amounts of information also comes questions of cultural corruption, violence, and many other indecencies. Is it possible that the radio was looked at the same way. The answer is yes, as the radio's popularity grew and it became an overwhelming tool of communication people felt that corporations and private businesses were going to exploit the public. The same could be sent about the massive amounts of information available on the internet today. With all the negative criticisms there were also positives. First, the internet and radio can bring not only a community but the world together. Today, you can listen to the radio on the internet amazingly. Other positives are the amounts of educational material available to students and other people on the internet while the radio verbally educated the people of its time. Its no wonder these two technologies were compared at some point they were both groundbreaking reaching a new peak in modernity, consumerism, and mass entertainment. (Kelly)


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