Friday, April 20, 2007

Chapter 9-The Framing of Movies

What would the American society be without the invention of the movie?? i think that without the invention of the movie theater the world would be at an unmistakable lost. Movies generate a form of entertainment that satisfies many. The creation of the motion picture arised in the late 1800's when Thomas Edison created the Kientoscope. Following the Kinetoscope was the magnificent invention of the Nickelodeon. The Nickelodeon was a magnificent screening of a projector that played movies in theaters. The Nickelodeon gained popularity in societies all over and it rose to be very popular. "It June 1905 an entruper in Pittsburgh set up a cheap storefront theater showing films and called it the Nickelodeon and by the beginning of 1907 there were 2,500 according to the new entertainment paper variety. In November of that year the article "The Saturday evening post" put the number of Nickelodeons at between 4000 and 5000 and calculated that just the expenses, they had a weekly attendance of at least 16 million. the nickelodeons were highly profitable" (Starr pg 303). It is evident from the quote taken from Paul Starr's "The Creation Of The Media" That the creation of the Nickelodeon was a ultimate success. Without this invention America would not be the same. i believe that Thomas Edison is the person who should take the most credit for the innovations of the wonderful Motion Picture.


At 9:50 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

You have selected a couple of good quotes, but you need to work on your analysis of the material. Saying that "America would not be the same" is just a bit to general a statement. How did the advent of motion pictures change society? Try to be a bit more specific.


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