Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Editor With the "White Spats"

The editor with the "White Sparks' is a text that shows the true form of the everyday happenings of a news room. In any form of mainstream media, integrity, truth, honesty, and good reporting can and will be compromised at times for the sake of money. People who have no experience will sometimes be the one who tell you how to do your job, and the truth is not always the most interesting or, even important thing when doing an editorial.

In this Story the editor is a man who has no exereince, in the text it say's " The only name that was known to the public was the name of the editor with the white spats, who never wrote anything, but who was supposed to guide the "Brainstorm" of the high dome thinkers who emitted a more or less luminous stream of gray matter at so much per week."

Although the writer with the Bulging brow writes an amazing editorial pertaining to the future malnurishment of our children, his editorial is rejected, because it may insight conflict with sponsor's. So although this Writer put so much time energy and effort into this work he must throw it away to the wings in order to appease the money distributes, his moment to shine has passed and as always the editor's name will be the only one that receives any praise, as the Thick Browed writer will fade back into the jumble of journalist, that must put in meaningless work that does not effect advertising money.


At 9:30 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

What does this story tell us about the era of muckraking journalism? What does it say abou the influence of advertisers on the the press?


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