Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Motion Pictures To Make Good Citizens

In the year 1912 "The civic use of motion picture had now been established", and with this new found way to grab peoples attention, many organizations used it as a chance to educate the common American. Motion pictures were being used to show the true story of child labor, prison labor, and even as an added assistant when electing new officials into office.

"The Average daily attendance at the motion pictures of the country was estimated at 5 million". It was felt that it was easier to connect with Viewers through motion pictures since they would have facts backed up with Visual effects, and that the effect from "Vivid preachments as motion pictures is often deeper than those of editorials or sermons".

"people involved in motion pictures could also help to deter crime. " In los Angeles a motion picture camera man took clear pictures of a riot in front of the federal building on june 25, and the pictured evidence caused fines for some of the rioters."

" some of the first reality series were displayed in motion pictures, for example " The awakening of John Bond". "This Film produced by the Edison company, shows the bad housing conditions that, together with poverty, form the right and left hands of the white plague's strangle grip. John Boyd is the tenement house owner who is responsible for the bad housing and for the high rents that contribute to poverty. he refuses to have pity on a family in his house ravaged by tuberculosis until his own wife contracts the disease indirectly through his fault. then he awakens and helps stamp out the plauge."


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Good quotes, but you need to provide a bit more of your own analysis of the material.


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